COVID information 2021

COVID Information June 2021

Dear Guests,

Thank you so much for choosing LPC for your holiday this year. We hope you enjoy your stay in this beautiful part of the world. 

view to west dordogne countryside le petit capelier

We know that taking a holiday anywhere in the difficult times that Coronavirus has brought us has been a considered decision and we are grateful you chose us. This is now the second season of dealing with the pandemic.

Prior to your arrival the house will have been thoroughly sanitized and aired.

To help stop the spread of Coronavirus and keep you, your family, our future guests and Michelle, our housekeeper as safe as possible, we ask you to help with the following:

· Please wipe down all suitcases with the anti-bacterial wipes provided before bringing them into the house.

· Wash your hands frequently and use the hand sanitisers provided.

· Please keep the remote controls for the TV/Humax box in the plastic covers, we change this with each guest.

· For those of you staying for more than one week, please strip your beds and place in black bin liners for Michelle to collect. Michelle will give you clean bedding which you will need to put on the beds yourselves, which we hope you don’t mind doing.

Checking Out

· We kindly ask you to vacate by 10am on the morning of your departure please.

· Please strip all used beds and place the bedding in black bin liners along with towels, bath mats and kitchen towels for Michelle to remove.

· Please ensure all rubbish, bottles etc is taken to the recycling points as specified in the house manual.

· Please empty the fridge completely.

· All crockery and cutlery should have been washed and put away.

· Please leave the keys where you found them when you first arrived.

We appreciate we are asking a little bit more from you than usual, but hope you agree that we all need to work together to ensure all our holiday guests and Michelle stay protected.

Best wishes to you for a lovely stay at Le Petit Capelier

Dominic and Jo

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